Gripper Issue - Hook Orientation

Posted by: root 1 year, 2 months ago


The new gripper assemble is working extremely well picking up a varity of samples 100% of the time.

We have encountered a conditions with picking up the Pre-Cache when the gripper picks it up but can not fully close.

1. the pre-cache is on it's side

2. the hook is pointing towards the robot within  45 degress of center. 

    a. hook dead center perpendicular to robot. Jams the gripper so it can not close

    b. hook at 45 degrees off of perpendicular. James the gripper so it can not close

Not sure how to fix. 

We need to know if the hook is in that 90 degree area in relationship to the robot and re-approach the 

pre-cache with the hook in an acceptable area.

Any ideas are welcome. 

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