The 2016 Sample Return Robot Team

This years team. 

Greg Maxwell Girts Linde Steve Okay Steve Joyce
Bill Spangler David Hough Joey Zhou Satish Chetty
Brian Slagowski Dmitry-David Dat'ko Alan Federman Joe Landau

The 2015 Sample Return Robot Team

The MAXed-Out team of skilled software engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers including:

  • 10 members with masters or other advanced degrees including 4 PhDs
  • 3 published authors and dozens of patents
  • success participating on winning teams in competitions such as FIRST and IROS
  • years of experience at many leading companies in Silicon Valley and beyond including Apple, Xerox, HP, NASA, Stanford, Intuitive Surgical, DreamWorks Animation, Willow Garage, Qualcomm, and MathWorks

Greg Maxwell Alan Federman Patrick Goebel Steve Joyce
Bob Price Steve Okay Ralph Gnauck Satish Chetty
Jayson DeLancey James Loftus Bill Spangler Brian Slagowski
Paul Ekas David Hough Dmitry-David Dat'ko
Stan Shepherd Joey Zhou Gloria DeFelix

The 2014 Kinect Team

The 2014 Kinect Autonomous Navigation Contest was sponsored by Microsoft and Adept and held on September 18, 2014 at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) in Chicago, IL.

  • Greg Maxwell
  • Girts Linde
  • Steve Okay
  • Ralph Gnauck
  • Patrick Goebel