My Version of a Robot Tutorial

After working with ROS for several years and looking at the difficulty of getting something to work that is not a canned tutorial can you publish and subscribe. The important aspect is how to I get my robot idea to be functional.

Building a robot is hard. Building a robot in simulation is just as hard. Getting your idea to work within a robot is almost impossible. I am going to document my process in creating a Perception module that consists of a 2D Lidar and a dual Fisheye 360° camera. This system will be used as an add plug-in for 3D modeling.

Parts list 3D mapper.

  • SICK Tim 561
  • Razor IMU
  • Theta V 360 camera
  • Robotis MX-64 Servo
  • Servo Driver

Parts list Point of Interest

  • Cameras,
  • point lidar
  • razor imu .
  • Lighting
  • Laser Pointer

So how to get started,

I always start with the very basic for any component.

  • manuals,
  • drawings SDF URDF
  • power
  • interface cabling
  • mounting
  • setup, configuration.
  • ros package,

These items should be added to your code repo and package documentation.

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