Maxed-out is a group of robot / computer enthusiasts  “geeks” working on the harder robot problems around perception and space mapping.  I / we  are currently reworking the idea of perception from planer to spherical. Trying to use vectors from dual fish eye camera systems to give consistent localization and object tracking via vectors.

This is cool because the spherical images are fully VR / AR capable, so can create some very cool user experiences.   

We are registered to compete in the DARPA  SubT Challenge, With possibly fielding a solution for the deep, dark, dirty and dangerous aspects of the tasks. It is really a scavenger hunt in the dark.  We are working on flying fiducial for localization. building of the base tracking of Max in the SRRS challenge.  This adds drone to our tool box. Figuring 2019 will be the year of the drones for me. 

Hard part is trying to use the newest tools on Hardware that is not set up for Ubuntu 18.04 and ROS Melodic.  Have it working on Raspberry Pi 3, Nuc, Fang but not yet on the Jetson TX2.